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BEAR LAKE, Utah -- When the Bear Lake Music Festival called three days before the festival began and asked if she could possibly perform a concerto with them, Lynn Gaubatz didn't just say "Yes!", she said, "Shall I bring my set of the orchestral parts?" Their answer was, of course, "Yes! Please do! And THANK YOU!" On July 8, 1993 Lynn Gaubatz performed the Concerto in e minor by Antonio Vivaldi in Montpelier, Idaho to a standing ovation - as though it had been planned since February.

Laughingly declaring, "It's all in a day's work!", Lynn explains that she has performed this particular Vivaldi concerto almost twenty times on three continents, and the Mozart Bassoon Concerto as many times on as many continents - including televised performances in both North and South America - so she is always ready to perform these pieces (and many others) on EXTREMELY short notice. "My friends say this facet of my solo career gives new meaning to the phrase 'Impromptu Musicales', but I have always LOVED performing anywhere, anytime, and it's a great feeling to be able to jump into a crisis and solve it by doing what I love more than anything else - making music."

Lynn has also "jumped into" the principal chair in orchestras, including a recent performance of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade on 19 hours notice and last year's "Emergency Heldenleben". "These things happen - musicians get sick or break an arm, find themselves snowbound somewhere - and the show must go on. Since I'm ready, willing, and able to play lots of repertoire, it doesn't matter what instrument or piece the original soloist was to play. Mozart, Vivaldi, Weber, Villa-Lobos - one of them goes with almost every program."

Named "One of America's Ten Most Outstanding Young Working Women" by GLAMOUR Magazine, Lynn has been hailed by American and European critics as "brilliant", "charming", and "delightful". Lynn has performed as soloist on four continents and served for two years as the Bassoon Professor at the prestigious Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria. In addition to being the first bassoonist ever to perform a solo recital in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center, she has been featured soloist there five times.

In addition to a series of performances at the Children's Hospital in Washington, DC, upcoming concerts by Lynn include opening an honorary concert for the music of composer Alec Wilder in New York City and a solo recital at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC.

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