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Bassoonist Launched
Into Cyberspace

VIENNA -- Lynn Gaubatz, hailed internationally as one of the world's finest bassoonists, was chosen to be the first bassoonist ever to be showcased on America Online's popular feature, StarFinder. Here's how AOL describes the mission of its StarFinder:

"Performing artists often have to win competitions, be a lucky fill-in, or get a break in a very visible role, to become known to the general public. Often -- as in the case of Yo-Yo Ma or Donna Murphy -- industry professionals, their teachers, directors and conductors knew all along that these talents would 'make it.' In our StarFinder area, we're asking arts professionals who they are keeping their eyes on -- to give you the opportunity to watch as new talents emerge.

The artists we preview here are not chosen because they are making currently an important debut. In fact, in some cases, the spotlight here is not directly connected with a performance. Rather, these are people you should watch on for the next few years, to see if we and they were right!"

AOL has approximately 10 million subscribers, making it one of the world's largest online services.

Named "One of America's Ten Most Outstanding Young Working Women" by GLAMOUR, Lynn has been described by critics in Europe and the U.S. as "brilliant", "charming", and "delightful". Lynn has performed as soloist on four continents and served for two years as the Bassoon Professor at the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. In addition to being the first bassoonist ever to perform a solo recital in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center, she has been featured soloist there five times.

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StarFinder article:

The Washington Post suggests you keep your eye on bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz. When writing about one of her recitals at the Kennedy Center, they wrote:

"It is hoped that in the future, concert artists playing wind instruments will achieve the audience devotion of their keyboard and string counterparts. One possible candidate for that prominence is bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz." -- Washington Post

Lynn Gaubatz, hailed internationally as one of the world's finest bassoonists, has wowed audiences on four continents - North and South America, Europe, and Africa - including virtuoso performances in Salzburg, Seville, Málaga, Toulon, Caracas, Houston, Chicago, Washington, and Boston. She was the first bassoonist to perform a solo recital in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center, and has been featured there as soloist five times. She is also the only bassoon soloist ever featured at the Smithsonian Institution's Art of the Virtuoso and The Concert Experience.

Lynn was the Bassoon Professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria for two years, and recently joined the Salzburger Mozart-Solisten, an extraordinary virtuoso ensemble based in Salzburg.

Lynn was named "One of America's Ten Most Outstanding Young Working Women" - GLAMOUR. She was awarded the Leonard Bernstein Fellowship to Tanglewood and the Henry B. Cabot Award for Musicianship given by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She has won the National Young Artists Competition, the Lara Hoggard Performance Award for Young Artists, the Aspen Music Festival Wind Competition, the Boston University Concerto-Aria Competition, and the Northwestern University Concerto Competition.

One of Lynn's unique talents is "jumping in" to perform with little or no notice. Recently a music festival called and asked if she could help them. Three days later, she performed the Concerto in e minor by Vivaldi to a standing ovation - as though it had been planned for months. Since she has performed this Vivaldi concerto almost twenty times on three continents, and the Mozart Bassoon Concerto as many times on as many continents (including televised performances in North and South America) she can play these and several others effortlessly with little notice.

She also "jumps into" the principal chair in orchestras, including performances of Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony on 45 minutes notice, Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade on 19 hours notice, and last year's "Emergency Heldenleben". "My friends call this facet of my career 'Impromptu Musicales'!"

During of her tours of Spain and Africa, she was featured on Radio Nacional de España, and was the first bassoonist to have the Voice of America broadcast a recital worldwide. Her critically-acclaimed performances of Mozart's Bassoon Concerto have been broadcast on three continents by PBS, Radio Nacional de España, and Radio Nacional de Venezuela, and she appeared on CBS This Morning. She has performed at music festivals around the world, including Tanglewood, Aspen, and Wolf Trap, where she played the bassoon on stage in costume in Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Lynn has been principal bassoonist with orchestras in Austria, Germany, Spain, Venezuela and the US under Leonard Bernstein, Seiji Ozawa, Georg Solti and others. In 1986, fellow soloist Barry Tuckwell invited her to be Principal Bassoonist in his Maryland Symphony Orchestra, a position she held until 1990.

She has given master classes in Salzburg, Seville, Málaga, Caracas, Vienna, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Madison, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and currently teaches bassoon and chamber music at Mount Vernon College in Washington.

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