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Virtuoso Bassoonist/
Sleep-Author Lynn Gaubatz
Cited in UCLA Doctoral Dissertation

WASHINGTON, DC -- World-famous virtuoso concert bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz learned today that not only is she a “sleep author”, but that an article she wrote in her sleep was apparently published in 2001, according to a citation in a doctoral dissertation at UCLA.

“Sleep author” is the medical term for a person who writes prose works - fiction or nonfiction - with no conscious knowledge of the activity. Medical history records a number of people who sleep walk, sleep talk, or even prophesy, such as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, but true “sleep authors” are rare, and few if any have ever had their somnambular creations published professionally.

“I have no recollection whatsoever of writing this article,” says Lynn, “so I can only assume that I wrote it in my sleep. The whole thing is weird - in my waking state I am completely unfamiliar with the music of Rush.”

[The article cited in the dissertation is called “Rush”, and it is an 8-page profile of a rock group by the same name. The dissertation says the article was published in a magazine for which Lynn has never written a word - to her conscious knowledge. - ed.]

“It’s a little scary - this article appeared years ago and it took five years for it to come to my attention! What else might I have written and have no knowledge of? And how come I haven’t been paid for it?”

The well-rested virtuoso adds, “I suppose what amazes me MOST about this is that in my sleep I wrote about Rush instead of R.E.M.”

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