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"It is hoped that in the future, concert artists
playing wind instruments will achieve the audience
devotion of their keyboard and string counterparts.
One possible candidate for that prominence
is bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz."

-- The Washington Post

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"INSPIRATIONAL!", declared Leonard Bernstein when he first heard Lynn Gaubatz play. After she performed in two concerts as his principal bassoonist, Bernstein made a point of telling her and everybody around that he thought her potential as a bassoonist was unlimited! Since then, Lynn Gaubatz, hailed internationally as one of the world's finest bassoonists, has wowed audiences on four continents - North and South America, Europe, and Africa - including virtuoso performances in Vienna, Salzburg, New York, Boston, Chicago, Seville, Málaga, Trondheim, Caracas, and Washington.

Recognized as "One of America's Ten Most Outstanding Young Working Women" by GLAMOUR Magazine, Lynn was the Bassoon Professor at the prestigious Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria for two years, and has given master classes in Vienna, Salzburg, Seville, Málaga, Caracas, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Madison, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. She has performed at music festivals around the world, including Tanglewood, Aspen, and Wolf Trap, where she played the bassoon on stage in costume in Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Her critically-acclaimed performances of Mozart's Bassoon Concerto have been broadcast on three continents by PBS, Radio Nacional de España and Radio Nacional de Venezuela, and she was a featured artist on Radio Nacional de España during both of her tours as concerto soloist of Spain and northern Africa. She was chosen by America Online's popular StarFinder feature to be the first and only bassoonist every profiled as an up-and-coming virtuoso soloist and was profiled in Current Biography. She's the only bassoonist ever to have The Voice of America broadcast one of her virtuoso solo recitals worldwide, and she has been interviewed on CBS This Morning.

Among her many honors and awards, Lynn was awarded the Leonard Bernstein Fellowship to the Tanglewood Music Festival and the Henry Cabot Award for Musicianship given by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She has won the National Young Artists Competition, the Lara Hoggard Performance Award for Young Artists, the Aspen Music Festival Wind Competition, the Boston University Concerto-Aria Competition, and the Northwestern University Concerto Competition. She was the first bassoonist ever to perform a solo recital in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center, and has been featured there as soloist ten times. She is also the only bassoonist ever featured as soloist at the Smithsonian Institution's Art of the Virtuoso and The Concert Experience.

Lynn is also recognized for her search for survivors and descendants of the victims of the Holocaust who were composers, to bring to light the forgotten music of these artists. Through her research, she is finding and performing music that was banned by the Nazi regime, much of it never before published or heard. On the 56th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau, she performed an Entartete Musik concert, including two works by Czech composer Karel Reiner who survived Terezín, Auschwitz, and was at Dachau at its liberation, for a worldwide broadcast audience from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington.

In May 2000 she performed the world première of a solo piece by Eric Zeisl, in conjunction with an article she wrote about the composer and his flight from the Nazis, which appeared in the May 2000 edition of Austria Kultur, the magazine of the Austrian Cultural Institute. [Click here to read Requiem for a Composer.] Later that year she performed as soloist the world broadcast première of Eric Zeisl's The Good Old Time on a worldwide Internet webcast from the Kennedy Center, which was covered by newspaper reviews/articles in Washington, Vienna, London, Berlin, and Bregenz, Austria. In September 1999 she was the only musician invited to perform at the International Holocaust Conference in Vienna, Austria, and she was honored as soloist at the award ceremony for the international Students' Peace Prize in Trondheim, Norway.

Lynn performs annual benefit "Concerts for India" in Linz, Austria which have included the world premières of two works composed for her by Fritz Berens, a Viennese composer who fled the Nazis in 1939, and in 2004 a solo work by Danish composer Ivar Danielsen. The proceeds from these concerts help children and families in India. Lynn also teamed with an Austrian church and monastery and rebuilt four villages in India which were destroyed by the 2004 tsunami.

With the smash success of her literacy website and her "Concerts for India", Lynn uses her travels to advocate for causes close to her heart - literacy and human rights., created by Lynn in 2002, is an Internet clearinghouse of organizations that help libraries, prisons, Native American reservations, and schools around the world by encouraging and facilitating the donation of books and equipment. Woman's World, Good Housekeeping's Quick & Simple, and hundreds of newspapers throughout the US, from an editorial in Bigfork, Montana to "Hints from Heloise", have featured, which has had over 200,000 visitors who have donated many thousands of books (and not a few dollars!).

Lynn has achieved unique success by combining her literacy advocacy with an appeal for donors to recycle books by donating them to those who can use them. The inclusion of ecologists/recyclers has opened up a new line of donors for libraries worldwide and kept thousands of pounds of usable books out of landfills.

The latest effort by Lynn and is "Prose for Cons ", a drive to enrich libraries in prisons throughout the US, starting with pilot programs in Lynn's home state Virginia and the state of Indiana.

Lynn's other charitable activities include benefit concerts she has given in the US and Europe for the renovation of a historic 19th-century church and Carmelite cloister in Vienna, Austria, for Musicians Against World Hunger, scholarship funds for a conservatory in Washington, DC, and a group which aids in the nuclear disarmament of the former Soviet Union. She also created websites in both English and Spanish for an organization which supports the work of lay and religious persons caring for the poor, the aged, and the mentally impaired.

One of Lynn's most unique talents is "jumping in" to perform as soloist or principal bassoonist with little or no notice or rehearsal. For instance, three days after a music festival called in a panic, she performed the Concerto in e minor for Bassoon and Orchestra by Antonio Vivaldi to a standing ovation as though it had been planned for months. Since she has performed both this Vivaldi concerto and the Mozart Bassoon Concerto [K.191] each almost twenty times on three continents [including televised performances of the Mozart in both North and South America] she can play these and several others beautifully with little notice.

She laughs, "It's all in a day's work! These things happen - musicians get sick or break an arm, or find themselves snowbound somewhere - and the show must go on. Since I've got lots of repertoire at my fingertips, it really doesn't matter what instrument or piece the original soloist was to play. Mozart, Vivaldi, Weber, Villa-Lobos - I've got something that goes with every program."

She has also "jumped into" the principal chair in orchestras, including performances of Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony on 45 minutes notice, Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade on 19 hours notice, and a recent "Emergency Heldenleben". "My friends kid me, calling this facet of my career 'Impromptu Musicales', but I have always LOVED performing anywhere, anytime, and it's a great feeling to be able to jump into a crisis and solve it by doing what I do best - making music."

Lynn actively encourages composers to write for the bassoon, and has had six unaccompanied pieces and a bassoon concerto, as well as several chamber works, written in her honor. "When composers writing music for me ask what the limitations of the instrument are, I always tell them they should write the music however they feel it should be. It's MY job to figure out how to play it. So far, no one's stumped me yet," she says with a smile. She has given several solo recitals devoted entirely to works for the unaccompanied bassoon, including three at the Kennedy Center, showcasing the instrument and its possibilities in ways previously considered impossible. "I love the audience's reaction when I tear into Flight of the Bumblebee, The Minute Waltz, or some other piece traditionally considered unplayable on the bassoon. I was very proud when composer Russell Woollen told me that my Flight of the Bumblebee sounded downright 'MENACING'!"

Other musical interests include her involvement in the movement to promote and perform the works of the late composer Alec Wilder, whom she met in 1974, with a number of his former friends and colleagues. She has created a program entitled Wilder & Wilder!, which combines the classical and popular music of Alec Wilder on the same concert. Her crossover concerts of works of composers who have a strong presence in both the classical and popular fields include music by Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, and Irving Berlin. She also performed in the US pilot program of Yehudi Menuhin's Live Music Now!, an organization which sent performing artists to prisons, hospitals, and other venues where the audiences would otherwise be unable to experience live performances.

Lynn has played as principal bassoonist under Leonard Bernstein, Sir Georg Solti, Seiji Ozawa and others, with orchestras in Austria, Germany, Spain, Venezuela and the U.S. In 1986, fellow soloist Barry Tuckwell invited her to be Principal Bassoonist in his Maryland Symphony Orchestra, a position she held for several years.

Lynn has given master classes in Salzburg, Vienna, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Seville, Málaga, Caracas, Madison, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. She has been on the faculty of conservatories in the US, Europe, and Venezuela, and Mount Vernon College in Washington, teaching in German, Spanish and English students from Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and the US. A dedicated teacher, Lynn is adamant that her students have a high priority in her schedule.

"Es ist zu hoffen, dass in Zukunft
Künstler, die Blasinstrumente spielen,
dieselbe Bedeutung erreichen, wie Pianisten oder Streicher.
Ein Kandidat für diese Auszeichnung ist die
Fagottistin Lynn Gaubatz."

-- The Washington Post

CBS This Morning bezeichnet Frau Lynn Gaubatz als eine der grossartigsten Fagottistinnen der Welt. Frau Gaubatz hat als Solistin Musikliebhaber auf vier Erdteilen - Nord- und Südamerika, Europa und Afrika - mit virtuosen Solokonzerten in Wien, Salzburg, Linz, New York, Sevilla, Málaga, Toulon, Trondheim, Caracas, Houston, Chicago, Washington und Boston beeindruckt. Als Solistin und Rednerin anlässlich eines Empfangs durch den Bürgermeister der Stadt Wien zur Internationalen Holocaust Konferenz, hat Frau Gaubatz ein Solostück des 1885 in Wien geborenen Komponisten und Musikologen Egon Wellesz vortragen.

Lynn Gaubatz präsentiert sich als Solofagottistin mit Leonard Bernstein, Seiji Ozawa und Sir Georg Solti, u.a.. Ihr Soloauftritt und das Interview wurden weltweit von der Voice of Amerika übertragen und ihre Aufführungen von Mozarts Fagottkonzert wurden auf drei Erdteilen bei PBS, RADIO NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA und RADIO NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA gesendet. Im Jahre 1999 wurde sie zur Feier der Überreichung eines Friedenspreises in Norwegen eingeladen, um als Solistin zu spielen. Sie spielte und gab ein Interview für das amerikanische Fernsehprogramm "CBS This Morning".

Lynn Gaubatz war mit 25 Jahren Gastprofessorin für Fagott an der Hochschule Mozarteum in Salzburg (Österreich), wo sie zwei Jahre unterrichtete. Einige Solostücke für Fagott wurden für sie komponiert und ihr gewidmet (einschließlich eines Konzertes des Komponisten Russell Woollen). Im Dezember 1997 spielte Frau Gaubatz die europäische Uraufführung des Salzburger Komponisten Wolfgang Pillinger "Kleine Suite für Fagott" aus "Kein Platz für Idioten" [die von ihr in einer Welturaufführung im Oktober in den Vereinigten Staaten gespielt wurde] in Salzburg auf Schloss Leopoldskron während des Symposions "Music for a New Millennium" des Salzburger Seminars. Im September 1996 spielte sie die Welturaufführung von “Small Match for 3 Players” für Flöte, Fagott und Klavier des österreichischen Komponisten Wolfgang Pillinger in der Österreichischen Botschaft in Washington DC.

Lynn Gaubatz war die einzige Vortragskünstlerin, die vom GLAMOUR Magazin mit dem Titel "Eine der zehn hervorragendsten berufstätigen jungen Frauen Amerikas" ausgezeichnet wurde. Im Jahre 1989 hat sie als erste Fagottistin überhaupt ein Solistenkonzert in der Konzerthalle des John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington aufgeführt. Seitdem gab sie dort fünf weitere Vorstellungen als Solistin. Sie ist auch die einzige Fagottistin, die als Solistin bei der Smithsonian Institution KUNST DER VIRTUOSEN und DIE KONZERTERFAHRUNG vorgestellt und vom populären amerikanischen On-line "Starfinder" als erste und einzige Fagottistin ausgewählt wurde, die jeweils als aufstrebende Virtuosin vorgestellt worden war.

Lynn Gaubatz ist als Solistin und Kammermusikerin in Österreich, Deutschland, Spanien, Frankreich, Norwegen, Venezuela, Nordafrika und den USA bei den Festivals von Wolf Trap, Tanglewood und Aspen aufgetreten. In Wolf Trap spielte Frau Gaubatz in einer Inszenierung von Mozarts «Don Giovanni» im Kostüm auf der Bühne. Sie wurde vom Hornisten Barry Tuckwell eingeladen, als Solofagottistin in seinem Orchester zu spielen, was dazu führte, dass sie für mehrere Jahre dort engagiert wurde.

Lynn Gaubatz hat Meisterkurse in Salzburg, Sevilla, Málaga, Caracas, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Madison, Albuquerque und Santa Fe gegeben und war auch Fagottprofessorin am Washington Conservatory, am Mount Vernon College/Washington, und an der Levine School of Music/Washington. Neben ihrer Solistentätigkeit unterrichtet Frau Gaubatz Fagott und Kammermusik.

"Si aspeta che in un futuro,
artisti di concerto che toccano strumenti a fiato
innamoraranno alla sua udienza colla
devozione degli altri strumenti. E una possibili
candidata per questa prominenzia é
la fagottista Lynn Gaubatz."

-- The Washington Post

Lynn Gaubatz é conosciuta internazionalmente come "una dei piú bravi fagottisti dal mondo" - CBS This Morning. La signorina Gaubatz ha innamorato come solista alla gente di quatro continenti - America sud e nord, Europa e Africa - incluso virtuosi presentazioni in Vienna, Salzburg, New York, Sevilla, Málaga, Caracas, Chicago, Washington, e Boston. Piú essere la prima fagottista nella historia d'interpretare un solo nello Concert Hall nello Kennedy Center, e l'ha fatto cinque volte. E é anche l'unica fagottista a presentarci come solista nel Art of the Virtuosi e The Concert Experience di The Smithsonian Institution.

Lynn Gaubatz é stata chiesta a essere Professora di Fagotto nel Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria agli 25 anni, dove insegno da 1982 fino 1984. Poco tempo fá é stata invitata un'altra volta a Salzburg per presentare la premiere europea d'una composizione composta specialmente per la premiere mondiale di 1996 nella ambasciata d'Austria in Washington, DC.

Lynn Gaubatz é stata riconosciuta come "una dei dieci piú brave giovani donne lavoratrici d'America" per GLAMOUR magazin.

Le sue presentazioni del Concerto per Fagotto di Mozart sono stati aclamati per i critici e presentati in tre continenti per PBS, Radio Nacional de España, e Radio Nacional de Venezuela, e é stata vista nello programa CBS This Morning. La signorina Gaubatz é stata presentata nella Radio Nacional de España fra i sui due giri come solista in concerto per Spagna e Nordafrica e The Voice of America presento uno dei suoi virtuosi solo concerti.

Lynn Gaubatz si é presentata come solista e in orchestri e musica da camara in festivali di musica per tutto il mondo, incluso Wolf Trap, Tanglewood, e Aspen negli Stati Uniti. La signorina ha fato il fagotto nello produzzione di Mozart Don Giovanni nel Wolf Trap di 1995. Nel 1993 in concerto solista e musica di camara in Bear Lake Music Festival in Utah.

Lynn Gaubatz ha interpretata come fagottista principale con orchestri in Austria, Germania, Spagna, Venezuela e negli Stati Uniti con Leonard Bernstein, Georg Solti, Seiji Ozawa e altri. La signorina Gaubatz é stata invitata in 1986 per Barry Tuckwell per fare la Fagottista Principale in la sua Maryland Symphony Orchestra, posto che lei avú fino 1990.

Lynn Gaubatz a insignato masterclasses in Salzburg, Sevilla, Málaga, Caracas, Vienna, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Madison, Albuquerque e Santa Fe e fú Professora di Fagotto nel Washington Conservatory da 1987 fino 1991.

E poi assieme alle sue presentazioni di solo e camara, insigna fagotto e musica da camara e vive a Virginia.

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Press Quotes

"It is hoped that in the future, concert artists playing wind instruments will achieve the audience devotion of their keyboard and string counterparts. One possible candidate for that prominence is bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz. . . . Gaubatz's performance, full of staccato notes, rapid passage work and octave leaps, showed Gaubatz at her best with wonderful technical control in the rapid sections as well as the essential lyricism needed in the slow movements."

"Bassoonist Lynn Gaubatz . . . served up an engrossing assemblage of baroque and contemporary works. . . . Gaubatz has a rich, seductive tone and a catching confidence in her playing. . . . Gaubatz pulled some impossible notes from the bassoon's lower realms, finishing like a subdued foghorn."

"In Gaubatz's performance, [entartete Musik, or music suppressed by the Nazis] was clearly music that deserved a better fate--bright, nostalgic, vigorous and wonderfully suited to the bassoon.

It should not be allowed to slip back into neglect, and that is not likely to happen as long as it has a champion as skilled and diligent as Lynn Gaubatz."

"The bassoon . . . can sound gruff, on purpose or because of a player's limitations. But in the right hands--and Gaubatz's are among the best in the world--it can sing with a grace, a beauty and a mellowness of tone to match any other instrument in the orchestra. That was obvious to Mozart and Vivaldi, who wrote exquisite concertos for it, and it was evident throughout Gaubatz's performance."

"The most unusual and unfamiliar pieces on the program were two works for unaccompanied bassoon - the late Vincent Persichetti's haunting "Parable" and Gordon Jacob's jaunty "Partita", played in charming style by Lynn Gaubatz."

The Washington Post

". . . one of the world's finest bassoonists."


"In Gaubatz's hands, the bassoon is lovely. . . . All you have to do is hand Gaubatz a bassoon and watch her invest the orchestra's clown with class. She pulls off this magical feat . . . transform(s) the ugly duckling woodwind into a regal, seductive solo instrument."

The Fairfax Journal

". . . creating music too beautiful to . . . be described by mere adjectives; to truly understand it, it must be experienced."

The McLean Providence Journal

"Plegándose al trabajo de la solista y estableciendo la réplica en el diálogo, gustó en especial el 'Concierto en si bemol mayor' KV 191 para fagot y orquesta, asimismo de Mozart. Precisos los subrayados e intención en el conjunto, libre el fagot que llega desde las sonoridades más graves al cantabile más agudo y que abordó con excelente sonido y agilisima técnica segura y cuidada la gentil intérprete norteamericana, profesora en el Mozarteum salzburgués, Lynn Gaubatz, quien incluyó tres cadencias una por movimiento con gran lucimiento."

Diario Sur Málaga

". . . the bassoon emerged as a solo instrument of richness and beauty . . . melodic and delightful."

Midland Reporter-Telegram

"Lynn Gaubatz, fue la gentil solista que se enfrentó con el encantador Concierto, demostrando una sólida preparación y estilo en todo momento, pese a que las caracteristicas del instrumento, no habitual en papel de solista por estos lares, no es tan agradecida como el de otros más brillantes de sonido y más o menos aficionados. Ella logró captar la atención de los oyentes sacando a relucir todas las posibilidades que 'el abuelo fagot' posee, de muy alta valoración cuando es manejado por intérpretes de la categoria de Lynn Gaubatz."

El Diario de la Costa del Sol

". . . one of the best bassoonists anywhere!"

CBS This Morning

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